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'Heart Clinic' simulate how the heart rate is affected according to the body's physical needs and activities like physical exercise, and ingestion of drugs.

You can auscultate the patient and listen to real heart and lung sounds in different area of the patient's chest. Watch the heart rate changes in real time on the vital signs monitor.

The game lets you create any patient you would like with their own data. Change the way they look, their cloths and morphology.

The game feature a complex simulation of the heart rate, slow, fast, irregular... depending on patient's life style.

Disclaimer : It's not a medical game where you can make diagnostics and treat the patient !

The game is still in alpha and under development. Bug and issues can be expected.

StatusIn development
Tagsheart, heartbeat
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


Buy Now$17.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $17 USD. You will get access to the following files:

HeartClinic_Alpha030.rar 324 MB
HeartClinic_Alpha029.rar 322 MB

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HeartClinicDemo.rar 319 MB

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Verified by Perkedel: OVERHIDE certified. Fidget Toy of Realistic simulation of Heartbeat toy (Fidget heartbeat, spinner-like addictive for cardiophile).

Congratulations. your game fits our compliance for realistic heartbeat simulator every cardiophile wants. Duper Awesome job!

What to do if this game has been Overhide verified and certified?:

Do not download demo at all!

Reject Demo at all cost!

Demo is only for compatibility testing purpose to see if something is working or not.

Instead buy the game even if it is priced. even it is not free a.k.a. (in term of Perkedel) "too expensive!". (pardon for rude and swearing)

Share this game perma-link to all cardiophiles in the world

Trust that this game is about realistic heartbeat simulation where you can make subject's heartbeat either fast or slow by giving them order of action such as excercise.

Joel has seen the Demo himself and confirmed the game mechanic which says "Emphasize of Heartbeat lub dub simulation". Other members may have confirmed the similar if not the same.

What is Overhide?

Overhide was a playlist name on Joel's YouTube account meant to collect heartbeat video. The playlist was private to prevent getting caught. however, newer Overhide playlists are now open to public since nobody will catch Joel anymore, or so it is. Also a plan to release previous Overhide playlist and Unlisted Overhide to public has been proposed.

Nowadays Overhide is a definition that marks existence and presence of heart beating content.

Why on YouTube Overhide also contains other content?

in YouTube, there are only fewer heartbeat content. So Overhide over there also collects other content. General content will be store on Favourite.

This is not the case if a video site contains abundant amount of heartbeat content. for that video site, Overhide will append Definitive which guarantees heartbeat content collection only.

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I have posted the comment on your forum.

Will buy if I have money

in conclusion:

Cool and good!

It's the real fidget toy, cardiophile wants! not that boring diagnose and treat pekk nekk game! it's literally heartbeat simulator! a golden treasure!!!

some offsyncs may occurs.

sorry if you get offended but in my opinion the price is little too high. maybe try $14, or less, or so, idk. but we'll see if this is worth it!

how about Android, Google play? free download full version, Advertisements! buy from IAP to remove ads.

Linux. I love Linux!


fun fact, I am cardiophile and want to make cardiophile products.

it's me, JOELwindows7! from Perkedel Technologies.

I am sadd! there are too few games that emphasize heartbeat glory in this itch realm. and I searched on other realm, and still found handful heartbeat content, but zero interactive that works like this game does.

so far, there are only 2 interactive cardiophile fidget game creators have published. Shinon517, and you.

also me. but I just have hard sketch on my GitHub. rough sketch. really rough as of now.

if you click my display name, it will 404 error. type joelwindows7 itch io instead.